Who We Are?

Our Mission

1. Investigate the cause of animal diseases and related health problems.


2. Conduct surveillance and monitoring activities on animal diseases of economic and public health importance.


3. Laboratory testing of export and import animals and animal products.


4. Build the diagnostic capacity of regional veterinary laboratories, domestic and export abattoirs, and veterinary services.


5. Participate in designing and implementation of animal disease control and prevention strategies

NAHDIC Experience

NAHDIC was established in 1995 as Central Disease Investigation Laboratory (CDIL) at the beginning. Later in 1997 its mandate was modified to engage it self on research organized under the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization (EARO) and this was extended until 2007. However, as of may 2007 the mandate was revised and the now National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC) have been nominated to be a national referral and reference laboratory and undertake the following major national and international activities.

Our Core Values

1. Our tribute is customer satisfaction.

2. We work hard to boost the revenue from animal resources.

3. We abide for professional ethics.

4. Continuous improvement is our tradition.

5. We utilize our limited resources efficiently.