Nahdic moving forward


NAHDIC established in 1995 as Central Disease Investigation Laboratory (CDIL) at the beginning. Later in 1997 its mandate was modified to engage it self on research organized under the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization (EARO) and this was extended until 2007. However, as of may 2007 the mandate was revised and the now National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC) have been nominated to be a national referral and reference laboratory and undertake the following major national and international activities.


NAHDIC is under Ministry of Agriculture and works us a national and East African reference laboratory for animal diseases and related public health problems. Animal disease and zoonoses are critical threats to the world’s public health; therefore, we have had a long-term relationship with global organizations such as USAID, FAO, CDC and DTRA and GOHi to advance outcomes aligned with the Global Health Security Agenda. Most recently, we have collaborated with Ministry of Health on testing of zoonotic diseases such as highly pathogenic Avian Influenza, BTB, and Ebola and now for testing of COVID-19 on human specimens.

NAHDIC did the following three trials before joining the national COVID-19 diagnostic team:
1. NAHDIC Diagnostic team including General Director tested for COVID-19 before starting for the screening of COVID-19 for clinical specimen. This may help us in future to know the professional risk during sample testing. Fortunately all are Negative at day zero of staring for COVID-19 tests (See for the graph).

2. As it is known that NAHDIC is an ISO 17025 certified laboratory for doing molecular tests for both Real time and conventional PCR methods, but we did verification of the newly 2019-nCov ORF1ab/N Gene Real time detection kit
from China, under calibrated PCR instrument, highly qualified signatory specialist and citified working stations. We found the results that COV-positive control are all positive for 2019-nCOV and COV-negative control is negative for 2019-nCOV. This shows the kit is highly sensitive and specific. The kit also including internal controls (house-keeping genes) to monitor the efficacy of PCR reaction is well considered.

3. NAHDIC did the Inter-laboratory comparism with the EPHI to see the test results are compatible with the both laboratories. Surprisingly we found that both laboratories have accepted and similar results for COVID-19 tests (See the attached graphs).

Therefore, believe me that this collaboration between Medical and Veterinary laboratories are a must to control COVID-19 at the interface of animals and Humans.

Current Events

NAHDIC Supporting on SARS-CoV-2

National Animal Health Diagnostic Center (NAHDIC) Sebeta donates 5,000 swabs and 1.2 liter VTM to Ethiopian public Health Institute (EPHI). Dr Tesfaye the Director of the institute promise for continues supply for consumable for COVID-19 sample collection and transportation media from the stock. The institute was also assigned as one of testing laboratory for screening of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia. NAHDIC verified the 2019-nCov new detection kit donated by China operated under Bio-safety level- 3, in ISO 17025 accredited laboratory conditions, with signatory personals and calibrated equipments. We found that the 2019-nCov ORF1ab/N Gene detection kit is the paramount sensitive and specific Real time PCR method for detection of COVID-19 with in 1 hour of amplification time. We are ready to receive samples for proficiently doing the tests for detection of COVID-19. Let’s contribute to one health to save human being.

Silver Jubilee anniversary

National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center is now celebrating its 25th silver jubilee anniversary on February 15 2020.


As a national laboratory we strives to be internationally acceptable center of excellence in veterinary laboratory services.


Biosafety level III (BSL-3) was renovated by the support of FAO-Ethiopia and inaugurated in 2009. The laboratory is being used for the diagnosis of zoonotic and highly contagious livestock diseases like:-avian influenza, bovine tuberculosis, anthrax, brucellosis, Rabies, Rift valley fever, Middle East Corona virus, Ebola etc. This laboratory helps NAHDIC to diagnosis these diseases and handles research activities carried out on the centre and makes NAHDIC one of the laboratories that use this kind of facilities in country.
NAHDIC has experimental animal facilities for poultry, rabbit and large animals which were built in the last ten years and helps to keep different experimental animals for research on animal disease. These facilities were built and rehabilitated by Ethiopian government and NAHDIC partners