This training was prepared by NAHDIC in collaboration with Ethiochicken and international laboratory research partners from South Africa. The technical training was commenced on 11 August, 2017. It was an intensive training on prevention and control of poultry diseases especially IBD and MD. The training was targeted to laboratory staffs at National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC), veterinarians from Oromia livestock and fishery development bureau, regional veterinary laboratories and Ethiochicken itself.  The immediate outcome of this training is to improve the diagnostic capacities of regional and NAHDIC, and reduce the risks of these two important diseases in poultry farms.

By this training, trainees are expected to be able to:

  • Implement effective poultry disease prevention and control activities (Biosecurity and Vaccination)
  • Explain the biology of infectious bursal disease (IBDV) and Marek’s disease virus (MDV)
  • Identify the root cause of vaccine failure towards these diseases
  • Apply different diagnostic approaches to confirm these diseases during outbreak investigation