Project name: Ethiopian control of Bovine Tuberculosis Strategies (ETHiCoBOTS)
Project duration: 2016-2021: a 5 year research project
Project purpose: The aim of the ETHiCoBOTS project is to tackle the high burden of bovine TB in the Ethiopian dairy farm sector and to investigate the consequence of the on-going centrifugal trade of potentially infected dairy cattle to low prevalence regions and farming systems on transmission.

Project coordinator(s):

Professor James Wood

University of Cambridge, Department of veterinary medicine

Dr.Stephan Berg,

Dr.Solomon Gebre (WPI coordinator) at NAHDIC.

Cell phone:(+251)0911453760

Office phone:(+251)113384134


Project funded by:The project is funded under Zoo noses & emerging Livestock System (ZELS) program, a research initiative in the UK which is jointly funded by six Research bodies (BBSRC, DCstl, Dfid, ESRC, MERS and NERC).
There are currently 8 institutions participating in ETHiCoBOTS ,including 4 Ethiopian Research institutions, all led by the University of Cambridge. 
Those Ethiopian institutions participating in the project are:
1. Aklilu Lemma Institute of patho-biology(ALiPB),Addis Ababa University, AA,Ethiopia
2. Arma uer Hansen Research Institute(AHRI), AA, Ethiopia
3. Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research(EIAR),AA,Ethiopia
4. National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center(NAHDIC),Sebeta,Ethiopia
5. Animal and plant health agency(APHA),UK
6. Department of veterinary medicine and department of Anthropology, University of Cambridge,Uk
7. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute(Swiss.TPH)
8. Institute for Global prosperity, University College. London(UCL) UK.

Project name:  Biosafety and Biosecurity implementation in NAHDIC facilities
Project duration : 5 years, 2016 – 2021
Project purpose: The purpose of this Project is to provide a strategic collaboration framework that outlines NAHDIC and DTRA/CBEP 5-year priorities, identifies current-year collaborative projects, and details future areas of potential collaboration.
Project funded by: Defense Treat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP)

DTRA/CBEP has planned to fund the following projects:

  1. Pathogen Access Control System (PACS): This project will provide NAHDIC with a safe, secure, and easy to use software for tracking pathogen samples. This project includes software, hardware, and user training.
  2. Biosafety and biosecurity program: This project will enhance NAHDIC’s Biosafety and Biosecurity (BS&S) program through the development of manuals, standard operating procedures and staff training.
  3. Campus assessment: This project will identify the current physical security on NAHDIC’s campus and provide recommendations on physical security upgrades that should be performed to ensure the campus is operating with the appropriate security features.
  4. Travel to mutually agreed upon international conferences: This activity will enable NAHDIC staff to travel and participate in internationally conferences on relevant topics, such as biosafety and biosecurity.
  5. Grants writing workshop: This activity will provide NAHDIC staff with training on successfully writing grant applications for research projects.
  6. Legislation development workshop: This project will build upon the ongoing CDC effort to develop a nationally agreed upon list of Agents of Concern (similar to the USA Select Agent List). At this workshop, key Ethiopian stakeholders from NAHDIC, EPHI, Ministry of Health,

Future areas of collaboration

  • Physical security enhancements on NAHDIC’s campus
  • Diagnostics certification/international accreditation (such as for bacteriology)
  • Lab network strengthening for transfer of samples, tests and technologies
  • Equipment maintenance personnel training and equipment maintenance program development
  • Sequencing/genotyping equipment, training, research support

Project coordinator:

Lawrence B. Smith III
International Project Manager
Cooperative Biological Engagment Program
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Office: 703-767-0150
Mobile: 703-261-31

Abera Kebede
Quality Manager
National Animal Health Diagnostic & Investigation Center
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
Sebeta, Ethiopia
Tel: +251911949928

Project name -   GHS Flag ship project: assessing the burden of brucellosis and development of prevention and control strategies in Ethiopia.
Project duration:-   5  years  2015 -2019
Project purpose :- :
1) Estimate the burden of brucellosis in both humans and animals in selected districts;
2) characterize the circulating Brucella species (Molecular characterization of circulating Brucella species); and  
3) identify risk factors for infections and disease transmission in animals and humans
Project funded by –   Global Health Security Agenda

Project coordinator(s):-

María E. Negrón Sureda, DVM PhD MS National Center for Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious, Diseases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Kadzik Melissa, National Center for Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious Diseases,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Redeat  Belaineh (DVM, MSc), Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory ,National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC)
 Mobile :+251-0911686842, Email- Ethiopia

 Institutional Affiliations in the project
1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA
2. NAHDIC, Sebeta , Ethiopia
3. Ministry of Livestock Fisheries, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
4.  Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
5. Ohio State University (OSU) USA
6. University of   Jimma, Ethiopia
7. University, of  Bule Hora Ethiopia
8.  University of Gondar Ethiopia

Project name –   Sequencing project
Project duration – 5 years
Project purpose :-
Initiate a corporative project to enhance NAHDIC’s diagnostic capabilities through  
(1) Provision of next generation sequencing equipment
(2) Staff training on performing sequencing and bioinformatics
(3) Connecting NAHDIC staff with existing sequencing centers .
Project funded by – Defense Treat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Project coordinators –  
Lawrence B. Smith III 
International Project Manager
Cooperative Biological Engagment Program
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Office: 703-767-0150
Mobile: 703-261-31

Mr . Tracy Erkkila Harold  ,
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)  zUSA
Email -

Redeat  Belaineh  (DVM, MSc)
Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC)
Sebeta Ethiopia, Mobile 251-0911686842, Email-


Project name: Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia.

Project duration: January, 2014 – November, 2017

Project purpose:-

  • Improved real time understanding of the Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (TADs) status in the pastoralist areas of the country through improved disease surveillance, investigation and diagnostic capacity of Veterinarians and the Veterinary services
  • Improved quality (thermo-stable) and quantity of PPR vaccine production
  • Improved capacity to implement effective disease control programs
  • Improved national and regional animal disease control coordination and knowledge  exchange

Project coordinator(s)

Dr. Gijs van 't Klooster

 International Animal Health Expert Team Leader “Pursuing Pastoralist Resilience in the Lowland Pastoral Areas of Ethiopia"

Office:      Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Building C, second floor.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 

Address:  FAO Ethiopia, P.O. Box 5536, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mobile:   +251 (921) 329756






Dr.Tilahun Zenebe (at NAHDIC)

Cell Phone: +251913592016



Project funded by

European Union through FAO

Ethiopia,  Addis Ababa

P.O.Box: 5536

Telephone: +25116478888