Project name: Pursuing Pastoral Resilience (PPR) through improved animal health service delivery in pastoral areas of Ethiopia.

Project duration: January, 2014 – November, 2017

Project purpose:-

  • Improved real time understanding of the Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (TADs) status in the pastoralist areas of the country through improved disease surveillance, investigation and diagnostic capacity of Veterinarians and the Veterinary services
  • Improved quality (thermo-stable) and quantity of PPR vaccine production
  • Improved capacity to implement effective disease control programs
  • Improved national and regional animal disease control coordination and knowledge  exchange

Project coordinator(s)

Dr. Gijs van 't Klooster

 International Animal Health Expert Team Leader “Pursuing Pastoralist Resilience in the Lowland Pastoral Areas of Ethiopia"

Office:      Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Building C, second floor.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 

Address:  FAO Ethiopia, P.O. Box 5536, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mobile:   +251 (921) 329756

e-mail:     gijs.vantklooster@fao.org

Website: www.fao.org/Ethiopia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FAOEthiopia

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/faooftheun/sets/72157654722045713/


Dr.Tilahun Zenebe (at NAHDIC)

Cell Phone: +251913592016

Email: tilahun136@gmail.com


Project funded by

European Union through FAO

Ethiopia,  Addis Ababa

P.O.Box: 5536

Telephone: +25116478888

Email: fao-et@fao.org

Website: www.fao.org