Biosafety Biosecurity

Project name:  Biosafety and Biosecurity implementation in NAHDIC facilities
Project duration : 5 years, 2016 – 2021
Project purpose: The purpose of this Project is to provide a strategic collaboration framework that outlines NAHDIC and DTRA/CBEP 5-year priorities, identifies current-year collaborative projects, and details future areas of potential collaboration.
Project funded by: Defense Treat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP)

DTRA/CBEP has planned to fund the following projects:

  1. Pathogen Access Control System (PACS): This project will provide NAHDIC with a safe, secure, and easy to use software for tracking pathogen samples. This project includes software, hardware, and user training.
  2. Biosafety and biosecurity program: This project will enhance NAHDIC’s Biosafety and Biosecurity (BS&S) program through the development of manuals, standard operating procedures and staff training.
  3. Campus assessment: This project will identify the current physical security on NAHDIC’s campus and provide recommendations on physical security upgrades that should be performed to ensure the campus is operating with the appropriate security features.
  4. Travel to mutually agreed upon international conferences: This activity will enable NAHDIC staff to travel and participate in internationally conferences on relevant topics, such as biosafety and biosecurity.
  5. Grants writing workshop: This activity will provide NAHDIC staff with training on successfully writing grant applications for research projects.
  6. Legislation development workshop: This project will build upon the ongoing CDC effort to develop a nationally agreed upon list of Agents of Concern (similar to the USA Select Agent List). At this workshop, key Ethiopian stakeholders from NAHDIC, EPHI, Ministry of Health,

Future areas of collaboration

  • Physical security enhancements on NAHDIC’s campus
  • Diagnostics certification/international accreditation (such as for bacteriology)
  • Lab network strengthening for transfer of samples, tests and technologies
  • Equipment maintenance personnel training and equipment maintenance program development
  • Sequencing/genotyping equipment, training, research support

Project coordinator:

Lawrence B. Smith III
International Project Manager
Cooperative Biological Engagment Program
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Office: 703-767-0150
Mobile: 703-261-31

Abera Kebede
Quality Manager
National Animal Health Diagnostic & Investigation Center
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
Sebeta, Ethiopia
Tel: +251911949928